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Overcome Outdated Accounting Practices For Better Customer Outcomes

Client retention is everything to your firm.

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David Gaisford, Senior Solutions Engineer
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Jessica Louizia, Marketing Manager

Employee Onboarding Automation & More: Eliminate Busywork, Drive Growth, and Empower Your Teams

Juggling your many important duties can be a challenge. Rubex can automate those repetitive tasks and simplify paperwork processes so you can stick to the human work.


How Can Rubex Improve Your Department?

Juggling your many important duties can be a challenge. Rubex can automate those repetitive tasks and simplify paperwork processes so you can stick to the human work.

Where Does Rubex Help?

No more manual data entry! Rubex extracts data from your documents for quick retrieval. If you’re a creature of strict organization (and what CPA firm isn’t?) Rubex has the capability to automate the data entry process, all while keeping files organized and easily retrievable.

Rubex simplifies the client management aspects of accounting, while providing tools for streamlining document-driven accounting tasks.

The power of Rubex is the power to work smarter, so your team can:

 • Get more accurate results to clients, faster

 • Simplify the experience for both the client and CPA

 • Free up more time to take on more clients

Automation and digital transformation with Rubex isn’t about removing humans from the process, but about freeing them from the redundant tasks to focus on more important aspects of the business operation such as fulfilling clients.

If you’re ready to learn more about how manual work can stifle growth, and how automation allows you more speed, control, and accuracy, download our free guide today.

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Rubex will:


Simplify data collection with form fill and file request tools


Intelligent search tools to immediately find the files you’re looking for


Establish automated workflows

Get More Out of Your Time

Using Rubex’s state-of-the-art automation capabilities, you can avoid paperwork and focus on what really matters: keeping employees engaged, developing culture, and training employees.

Technology That Eliminates Filing Headaches

Rubex’s intelligent features help HR teams avoid the stress of chasing signatures, approvals, and critical employee documents. Let us handle the details so you don’t have to.

Centralize All of Your HR Files

Having a complex HR tech stack is necessary, but can also create information silos. Rubex puts an end to that problem by making data from multiple systems accessible in a single secure location.

Free Guide

Prevent Mistakes and Setbacks with Accounting Automation

See how a DMS can help your firm meet your goals of client management and retention


Sherry L.

Gulfeagle Supply

"Having a document management system is a great way to keep personnel files, payroll data, OSHA 300, I-9’s and anything else you can possibly think of to scan. It is so nice to have a personnel file at your fingertips at your desk. It is easy to email information to managers or legal inquiries."


When it comes to efficiently delivering services to your clients, any errors that result in disruptions to your services will negatively impact your customer retention. These services include:

 • Financial statement preparation
 • Cash flow projections
 • CPA/Tax services
 • Payroll

Inefficient workflow within the world of business accounting is a common cause for slow or non-existent growth. The rate of error in complex, manual tasks can result in bottlenecks, non-compliance, and customer dissatisfaction. With the inevitability of human error, businesses in all industries should account for lost time and therefore lost money.

Hitting your revenue goals greatly depends on having high customer retention rates, which is only possible by providing clients with a seamless experience.


Our Document Management Software Comes With Other Features Too

  • Secure Cloud Management
  • Compliance Tools
  • Simple and User-Friendly Design
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Free Mobile App
  • Templates for Automated File Structuring
  • Portfolios for Your Most Used Documents
  • File Retention
  • Full Text Searching
  • Automated Workflows
  • Secure File Sharing Portal
  • File Request
  • Pre-Defined File Names
  • e-Signature
  • Up to 5 TB of Storage Included
  • Integration with Popular Software

Smart Businesses are using Rubex by eFileCabinet for their Document Management Software Solution

A Centralized Solution For All Your Documents

Never worry about losing a document, wasting time on tedious processes, or staying in compliance again.

    • Automated Workflows
    • eSignature
    • Full-Text Search
    • Role-Based Permissions
    • Encrypted File Sharing
    • Email Import
    • Compliance Tools
    • Real-Time Notifications
    • Branded Customization
    • Portfolios
    • Activity Center
    • Advanced Version Control

What Our Customers Are Saying

See how countless businesses have found success in their industries using document management software by eFileCabinet.

"[eFileCabinet] is the easiest solution to use! I am very impressed with it, and now I am sorry I didn't start doing this sooner. It is always at your fingertips and is no different than copying files to a folder on your computer! I highly recommend it!"

Jill W.

IT Manager

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"We use this product mostly for records management. The best features are the ability to create file templates that populate predefined files and the ability to set retention time frames for files! No more keeping track of records in Excel!"

Abel D.

Asst. County Manager/Human Resources Director

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