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Rubex By eFileCabinet Is Here.

At eFileCabinet, we are passionate about creating solutions to eliminate workplace chaos. That’s why we are excited to introduce to you Rubex, one document management solution that does it all. We have been working around the clock to improve performance and experience with our document management solution and we succeeded. With Rubex, life is easier. Take a look for yourself.







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One System That Does It All

Rubex contains all the benefits and features of our client’s favorite product, SecureDrawer, but now it's done all in one place. With Rubex, you can now send and receive files safely through our secure sharing portal without logging into a different system. Now sending secure files are as easy as sending an email.




template_syncMore Powerful Templates

New and improved templates in Rubex lets you update
an existing 
folder structure in seconds. You can also use predefined names to quickly choose what to name a file and remove the file naming guesswork. With templates, you’ll never lose another file due to random file naming.  






Save Time With
Automated Workflows

Rubex removes bottlenecks through powerful Automated Workflows. You can create a workflow so once its triggered, the file is sent on an automated journey to collect things such as approvals and signatures from team members. Files are also automatically stored for you in the right folder structure once the workflow journey is completed.




complianceFind Documents Faster

With Portfolios

When it comes to completing your daily work, jumping in between files and folders can really slow you down. That’s why we created Portfolios. You just put the files that matter most for the day into a portfolio for quick retrieval without overriding a company-wide folder structure.




version_controlRequest Files With Ease

Requesting files from clients can turn into quite the chore, but now Rubex eliminates this time-consuming process for you. When you need important documents from clients, you can set up a prenamed file structure. Now when a client sends something over, the organization is done for you and files are renamed and put exactly where they need to go.





automationRubex Brings Lots of Improvements

Beyond all these exciting new features, Rubex brings lots of enhancements to what you already love about eFileCabinet. We’re bringing more security improvements to keep your files safe. We’re also making updates to our activity center, so you can quickly see important notifications. We’re also making version control better, and searching is even faster now that you can search through documents to find the exact location of a particular word or phrase.



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