How Justin Mastrantuoni At DON Services Reclaimed 700 Square Feet of Office Space

Justin Mastrantuoni is the Director of HR at the non-profit, DON services. With 700 employees assigned to 400 people, the paperwork piles up relentlessly, and Justin is responsible for every one of those records.

Justin worked with eFileCabinet to digitize 7 years worth of paper documents. Using Zonal OCR he was able to auto-populate documents and workflows. 

The HR department quickly digitized their documents, boosted their efficiency, and reclaimed their office space.


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What You'll Learn In This Case Study:

DON Services

eFileCabinet helped Justin Mastrantuoni and DON Services reclaim physical office space by digitizing the documents and records of 700 employees. Justin stated that “We were actually able to eliminate every single paper file that was in that paper filing room.”

Learn more about:

  • How to free up physical office space
  • Shortening audit times
  • Going paperless

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