One Agent Cleared Out Two Entire Rooms of Filing Cabinets

Insurance agents all over the nation are often challenged with the endless flow of paperwork that needs to be processed every day. Rebecca, an agent with New York Life, was no different. With 50 to 100 enrollment and termination forms coming in a day, her office was overwhelmed. And worse, whenever she traveled to meet with clients, she had to haul a box of different documents with her. All of that changed with eFileCabinet.

In this case study:

  • Learn how eFileCabinet’s unmatched mobility and accessibility will save your agency time, money and headache.


LP- Case Study mockup Rebecca


Learn How To Save Time And Money With eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet helps you spend more time doing your job and less time chasing paperwork.


Keep Your Documents Organized

With eFileCabinet, you can ditch the filing cabinets for our easily searchable and secure cloud network.


Keep Your Documents Secure

SecureDrawer will help you send your documents wherever they need to go while keeping them secure.


Automate Your Workflows

eFileCabinet will gather signatures, populate documents, and organize your documents for you automatically.


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