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What Users are Saying About eFileCabinet

David A.



"Organization and management of documentation with a feature-rich suite of administrative goodies! Document versions and revisions are a breeze to navigate and collaborate. The OCR/Search function is amazing along with the automated zonal forms. There is nothing I dislike about this software… The more you dive into the software the more you will discover its capabilities. You will be surprised to learn that eFileCabinet team has really thought this through."

Amanda A.



"eFileCabinet has been an absolute lifesaver to our business. We started using it about 2 years ago and by using it, we have finally dug ourselves out of all our paper! We are in the health care business which means that paper is our best friend. By utilizing eFileCabinet we can easily store, monitor and maintain our records. Once that form is uploaded, I know it’s safe and it will be easy to find again. ."

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One Home for All of Your Documents

Either in the cloud or on-premise, with all the storage you need, documents are organized in a central location.


Never Lose A File Again

Full-text search with OCR and portfolios for your most used documents, keep them a few clicks or keystrokes away.


Securely Work With Your Documents Anywhere

SaaS-model, protected with an encrypted connection allows your to work anywhere on a desktop or the mobile app


Share Documents Instantly, Worry-free

Rather than sending docs through email attachments, bring recipients into a secure environment for them to download files.


Automate Data Entry, Reduce Human-error

Zonal OCR, folder templates and predefined file names allow you to enter mass volumes of data into the system without touching a keyboard.


Get Your Approvals Faster

Customizable workflow tools allow you to automate an assortment of office procedures.



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