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In insurance, retention of clients should take precedence over signing on new ones. Any experienced business owner will tell you that, not only is retention cheaper than acquisition, it’s the key to fostering real growth and profit for your agency. A sturdy base to build upon is the mark of any good agency. So optimizing the client experience should be a priority. This is done by looking at all the processes that, directly and indirectly, affect the client, and finding a way to streamline them so that they receive the best service possible.


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What You'll Learn In This E-Book:

Near the end of a day of talking with clients, providers, underwriters, and others, there’s still paperwork associated with those dealings that you need to file.

Communication is more than having a special email address or phone number for your client to call — it also means being available for them and giving them access to the information that’s most important to them. In order to truly capitalize on your client retention, you should understand their needs so you can be ready to hopefully not just retain their business, but strengthen the relationship with newer and better policies. Download this eBook to learn several ways you can improve your relationship with current clients including:

  • Streamlining communication through file-sharing
  • Doing away with busywork to become more available
  • Using governance to stay ahead

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