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Are you tired of dealing with endless paperwork? Do you have a hard time delivering the right documents to the right people? eFileCabinet will take care of all of this and more so you don’t have to.

Keep Your Documents Organized

With eFileCabinet, you can ditch the filing cabinets for our easily searchable and secure cloud network.


Keep Your Documents Secure

SecureDrawer will help you send your documents wherever they need to go while keeping them secure.


Automate Your Workflows

eFileCabinet will gather signatures, populate documents, and organize your documents for you automatically.


Human Resources Can Be So Much More Than Filing Paperwork!

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As a human resources professional, do you find yourself spending too much time filing paperwork to use it in a meaningful way? With the right tools, you can reclaim office space and search, analyze, and utilize documents as needed.

Managing all of the company’s human resources paperwork can be a full-time job by itself, and the average office loses 1 out of 20 documents. There is a variety of employee paperwork that needs to be organized, signed, all with different compliance levels.

Your HR department's true purpose is to manage people, not paperwork, and there is a tool to help you do that. To learn more about how you can say no to all that filing, and focus on efficiency, download our Ebook today.


HR can be so much more than filing cover

What You'll Learn In This E-Book:

Human Resources Can Be So Much More Than Filing Paperwork

Human Resource departments have a lot of paperwork to deal with. You need to create all of the appropriate forms, get the proper signatures, keep up with compliance, and then organize the documents to be filed. eFileCabinet gives Human Resource departments the power to handle this large amount of paperwork on a daily basis, with ease.

Learn how you can:

  • Ditch the stacks of paperwork
  • Keep a digital document library compliant
  • Utilize automated workflows to get employee signatures
  • How to keep your digital documents organized

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