Tech-Savvy Clients Are Going To Ask You Touch Questions

When prospective clients shop around for a new CPA, we know they take into account several factors before settling on who to hire.

They, of course, want to know if you’re knowledgeable in your profession, and they’ll likely ask for references to back up your expertise. However, being an expert number cruncher isn’t the only thing that draws clients in. Personality and communication skills are important points, as is your attitude toward technology and a willingness to utilize new efficiency and security tools to keep your customers data safe.

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Tech-Savvy Clients Are Going To Ask You Touch Questions - an eBook from eFileCabinet

What You'll Learn In This E-Book:

When Tax Returns are the “Jackpot” of Info for Criminals, Security is Paramount

Information security can not take a backseat. CPAs need a document filing system that utilizes encryption in both the storing and retrieval of files,

Download this ebook to learn how to effectively solve document management for you and your clients. 

Some Things to Consider:

  • Encryption: Is your customers data safe?
  • Backup: Outdated and unsecured methods are unacceptable
  • Permissions: Prevent unauthorized access to information

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