Rubex by eFileCabinet: The Most Comprehensive and Affordable Solution

If your document management is just storing your files, they're doing it wrong.

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Comparing is Caring. Your Business Deserves A Platform That Does More Than Store Documents.

Never before has there been a document management system that can do so much for your business. Rubex by eFileCabinet has evolved far beyond being a file repository and sharing platform. Your business’s critical functions can be achieved faster and more efficiently with intuitive automation, comprehensive compliance, and intelligent organization tools that have, until now, never been available on a single platform.

Compare Rubex’s most advanced and sought after features with leading digital solutions. With more features that fulfill more needs that every business has, Rubex remains priced competitively with these other solutions, leaving you with an outstanding ROI.

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"Even in the earliest evaluations, eFileCabinet was clearly the most intuitive UI hands down. The licensing model was ideal for a small business like ours. The customer service is outstanding but the follow-up from the sales staff is remarkable. They seem to be genuinely concerned that we are getting the most for our dollars."

— Ross F.

"We converted from a different file management software since we had heard a lot of positive reviews and feedback from other colleagues in our industry. They were right! So much quicker and more user friendly than the previous software we used."

— Jennifer L.

"Of all the software that we looked into and tried, this one was the best value for the money and also the easiest to use. We love the functionality it gives us!"

— Renee T.

"I love this product. I took my company from a hard copy filing system to an electronic filing system. I can access documents extremely fast either on my PC or on my smart phone. Very valuable to me every week. This product saves me tons of time. I would never want to be without it."

— Dan W.

— Dan W.

"eFileCabinet is a game changer! The best part of eFileCabinet is the could-based storage. Having all of our files available any time anywhere has been an incredible feature for our overseas employees who don't have access to our local drive."

— Angalene G.

"Whether you are using this product for just yourself or your entire company, this is the storage for you. eFileCabinet is extremely easy to use and retrieve information from. I love the fact that I can save a file, then email it to the client and put into the notes who I emailed it to and when."

— Julie D.

"eFileCabinet has truly been a lifesaving software for our office. It brings smiles to our faces and a peace of mind to our souls. If someone is looking for ways to maximize time and efficiency while being organized then this is your key to success. We could not process the large amount of paperwork that comes through our office and be effective without eFileCabinet. You can't go wrong with your decision to team up with eFileCabinet, their staff is fantastic and it is a seamless process to get started and be able to manage."

— Erin M.

"We choose this product to scan and index thousands of old files from the 70's to current. We were able to customize its use and flexibility to our needs. The storage is optimal and each person in our office is able to use it and train on it well."

— Rachel T.


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