eSignature is Here! Now Sign Documents Inside of Rubex.

eSignature is now completely built into Rubex. No more third-party integrations. It’s fast, easy, and compliant.


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Request signatures from anyone on any document

The intuitive eSignature tool allows you to drag-and-drop fields anywhere on your document you need a signature, initials, text, or checkbox. Then add your signature requests to your automated processes.

Send multiple documents to any individual for signature, or send a single document to multiple parties for their signatures.

Secure eSignature Portal

Signers receive an email which takes them to the secure eSignature portal where they consent to sign via electronic signature. Then they pick their signature from pre-generated fonts or draw their own. Then all they need to do is click, to sign. It’s that easy.

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Make eSignature requests part of your automated workflows, further streamlining your everyday processes.



One of the most compliant digital signature tools available. Generate a detailed audit trail document for each signed document. Transparent and non-repudiable, with no need to verify with a third-party.


Security & Privacy

Digital hashing, encryption, and public key infrastructure are employed to ensure documents are not tampered with. eFileCabinet does not keep personal data.



Save your signed documents and audit trail wherever you need in your system. Attach governance rules to ensure they cannot be deleted or edited.


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