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Filing system best practices are becoming increasingly important as businesses continuously find new methods of storing and retrieving information. Finding effective software solutions for managing business data is one of the biggest obstacles businesses encounter in reducing costs, improving service, increasing productivity, and meeting regulatory requirements. Companies around the world have realized that manual and paper-based processes for managing mission-critical documents and files are inefficient and expensive.

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File Management Software—The Problem Solver

The real problem that poor file organization creates is office chaos. Virtual filing cabinets and a structured filing system can help to reduce the pain, mistakes, and stress that are caused by manually filing documents. Below is a brief introduction to best practices that can help remove your workplace chaos. (Download the eBook for greater detail.)

File Organization—Structure

Most businesses have a large problem with staying consistent with the way folders are named and structured, which leads to an inability to ensure file organization best practices. Folders are mislabeled and forgotten when creating new folder structures.

 Best Practice:  The eFileCabinet file management software allows you to create templates for consistent creation of file folders for each of your clients. eFileCabinet provides templates for these file structures that your company can adopt and modify, or your company can create the file structure templates the way that you want to.

Digital Filing—Consistency

Businesses not only have problems with the consistency of naming folders but with the consistency of filing system best practices and document names. People constantly name files the way they want, which creates a major headache when searching for the files. Without file structure uniformity and consistency, it’s nearly impossible to carry out document management system best practices.

 Best Practice:  In conjunction with the templates that the eFileCabinet file management software provides, your company can include templates for the names of documents that you expect to find in each folder.

Virtual Filing Cabinet—A Complete Emulation

You are probably using more than one file cabinet to store all of your business documents, one cabinet for accounting/tax, one for investment client data, human resources, and other business administrative documents.

But how do you do this electronically to ensure file management software best practices? eFileCabinet allows for a complete emulation of your physical file cabinet, from the cabinet down to the drawers, folders, and files.

 Best Practice:  The best solution for your office is to create multiple virtual file cabinets. Creating individual file cabinets for your accounting clients and investment clients is especially critical when it comes to having an audit. This allows an auditor for the investment side of your business to only view the investment files and not the other files that pertain to your business.


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