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Your one-click solution to document and data management.
Drive productivity, grow revenue, and take control over your paper document deluge and scattered digital data.

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•  Eliminate endless searching with everything at your fingertips
•  Automate business workflows and processes
•  End the slow, inefficient paper office of the past

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Easy to deploy. Easy to integrate.

eFileCabinet comes with an open API and seamlessly integrates with
popular business software like Salesforce and Microsoft Suite,
so you can hit the ground running and never miss out on time or revenue.









"We've seen many benefits since switching to eFileCabinet.
The ease of use has been better than our previous software."

Melvin B. Friedberg, PA

Experience business made effortless.

As the world becomes more and more data-centric, data disorganization has become the leading business bottleneck. eFileCabinet combines the speed and efficiency of a cloud data management system with the power of automated workflow.



allow users to accept or reject content in the workflow, set how many approvals a document needs, and who can approve them.

Time Limits

reveal bottlenecks and rollup approvals, so content is never trapped in the workflow.

Profile Routing

uses Zonal OCR technology to pull information right off the document to make sure that the right content always goes to the right person.

Automated DMS

process reduces labor efforts, time, and errors, automatically completing content in the workflow.


visualizes where every piece of content is in the workflow right on the dashboard, so you can see how data moves through your company.

Always mobile—accessible from anywhere.

With the eFileCabinet mobile app you can feel secure knowing that your data is always on, always automated, and always available. Your data is just a click away—so you can focus on building your business.

“By not having to spend time accessing 30 or so files daily by hand,
it is going to save me around $5,000 dollars in labor every year.”

Ed Mullis, Allstate Agencies

How it works.


• Business Automation
• Workflow
• Intelligent Organization
• Secure Sharing
• Advanced Searching
• Mobile DMS
• Audit Trail & Compliance

The most popular and trusted document management system.


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