Date: July 28th Time: 10:00am MT

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David Gaisford, Senior Solutions Engineer
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Jessica Louizia, Marketing Manager

Rubex is the ultimate business solution.

While Workflows are amazing, there is so much more that Rubex has to offer. With all of its other powerful capabilities, you can drive your team towards the path of success like never before.

Eliminate Busy Work, Drive Growth, and Empower Your Teams

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What to Look Forward to:


Never waste time searching for a file again.


Free up precious resources to use on growing your business instead of filing documents.


Streamline everyday tasks, saving you more time and resources.

Streamline Your Everyday Processes

Promoting an efficient workflow across your department is what can push you to surpass your organization’s financial goals. Thanks to Rubex, it’s easier than ever.


Customizable and Automated Workflows Too

Rubex can make accounts payable and other everyday processes effortless by replacing them with automated workflows.

Quick Approvals

Gone are the days of waiting on the CFO to approve an invoice. Leave it to Rubex to send out reminders requesting their approval until it’s been completed.

Compliance Made Easy

GLBA, GAAP, and other regulatory compliance standards are often complex and difficult to follow. Document management can make adhering to compliance regulations second nature.


Share Documents Instantly, Worry Free

Rubex’s secure sharing platform allows you to share private information securely without worrying about it falling into the wrong hands.

Work Securely From Anywhere

Gone are the days of waiting on the CFO to approve an invoice. Leave it to Rubex to send out reminders requesting their approval until it’s been completed.

Significantly Reduce Overhead

Cut down your administrative tasks and costs and experience a high ROI with Rubex.

Smart Businesses are using Rubex by eFileCabinet for their Document Management Software Solution

A Centralized Solution For All Your Documents

Never worry about losing a document, wasting time on tedious processes, or staying in compliance again.

  • Automated Workflows
  • eSignature
  • Full-Text Search
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Encrypted File Sharing
  • Email Import
  • Compliance Tools
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Branded Customization
  • Portfolios
  • Activity Center
  • Advanced Version Control

What Our Customers Are Saying

See how countless businesses have found success in their industries using document management software by eFileCabinet.

"The best tool I have ever purchased! The quality of the software, scanners, and customer support could not be any better. It is so easy to learn and implement. You will LOVE putting all of that paper in the shred pile!"

— Jenese M.

"eFileCabinet is a game changer! The best part of eFileCabinet is the could-based storage. Having all of our files available any time anywhere has been an incredible feature for our overseas employees who don't have access to our local drive."

— Angalene G.