Take back your life, without the Hassle

“We are a CPA firm, concentrating on tax preparation, consulting and planning. With eFileCabinet, there is no more time consuming hunting for the right folder, no more cumbersome paper files to manage and store. We converted several years ago and have never looked back with nostalgia to the old days! Now we can wow our clients with easy, quick access to their information and that impresses them and makes our days happier and less stressful.”

Colleen M.

See how thousands of CPA's are beating the tax season Hassle

We do more than store your files, we transform your entire office. Watch our 1-minute video to see how Rubex by eFileCabinet keeps the Hassle out of tax season


It’s tough to leave the Hassle of tax season at the office.

Rubex by eFileCabinet gives you the tools to be more efficient and more secure with your document management, so the Hassle doesn’t follow you home.


Files that File Themselves

Rubex will automatically store your files, name them and create new folders for your documents without you ever having to touch your keyboard.


Sharing and Requests

Share documents with anyone, anywhere through an encrypted channel. No more unsafe attachments. Request documents and have them uploaded through the same secure channel.



Eliminate time-consuming processes with smart workflows that take care of your most redundant tasks for you.



Keep your most important documents just a couple clicks away.

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