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What Customer Patrick Ballard Says About eFileCabinet

Ballard & Company

“A few years ago, we went to Florida on vacation. We stayed at a house on the beach for a month. And I worked everyday from the beach, using eFileCabinet. Anyone who wants to work from home, or has employees who want to work from home… this is a great solution.”

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One Home For All of Your Documents

Either in the cloud or on-premise, with all the storage you need, documents are organized in a central location.


Never Lose A File Again

Full-text search with OCR and portfolios for your most used documents, keep them a few clicks or keystrokes away.


Securely Work With Your Documents Anywhere

SaaS-model, protected with an encrypted connection allows you to work anywhere on a desktop or the mobile app.


Share Documents Instantly, Worry-free

Rather than sending docs through email attachments, bring recipients into a secure environment for them to download files.


Automate Data Entry, Reduce Human-error

Zonal OCR, folder templates and predefined file names allow you to enter mass volumes of data into the system without touching a keyboard.


Get Your Approvals Faster

Customizable workflow tools allow you to automate an assortment of office procedures.



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